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1) UNESCO recognized world heritage ancient archeological sites
2) Varieties of natural landscapes such as Snow capped mountains, Inland Lakes, Dry regions, Unspoiled
beaches, Tropical Rain Forests, Mighty Rivers, World class dive sites, Over 4000 islands.
3) Over 135 ethnic groups living harmoniously.
4) Largest country among mainland ASEAN countries.
5) Rich Natural Resources.
6) over 1000 years old civilization.
7) Rich Cultural heritage.
8) Colonial Architectures
9) Strategically situated between China and India
10) Shortest Sea Route to Europe among ASEAN countries
11) Over 2000 kilometers coastline
12) It's people.
13) Great tolerance towards all religions.
14) Reasonable cost of Living
15) Reasonable cost of labor
16) Exquisite handicrafts
17) Year round seasonal festivals for every month
18) Easy to communicate with locals (English)
19) Gems mining Areas.
20) Large workforce
21) Three different seasons

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