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Warm Greetings from Myanmar!

It is my great pleasure to extend my warm greetings  to all tourism stakeholders from far and

near  and to provide  you with relevant information on Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF),

highlighting in particular our initiatives and endeavours.

The call for the establishment of MTF to render public private partnership was achieved  on 29th

April 2011  by the then existing three associations in the tourism industry (the Myanmar

Hoteliers Association, the Union of Myanmar Travel Association and the Myanmar Tourism

Marketing),  and currently  we have  11 member associations.

All in all, MTF, as an active member of Pacific Asia Travel Association(PATA) and  Union of

Myanmar Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), and we, the Executive Committee ,  

representing  a wide representation from the tourism related associations, viz.  hoteliers, tour

operators, tour guides , training providers, souvenir producers and distributors, transportation

services, together with the associates, endeavours to achieve our Mission statement, “ to  

support and represent the private sector  in the  promotion of Myanmar as responsible world-

class destination benefiting our communities, living cultures, values and environment”,  with a

specific Vision “to be the vehicle and voice for the tourism private sector to support inclusive

growth as the journey begins”.

Therefore, to help ensure that tourism growth delivers broad and equitable social, economic,

and environmental benefits, and to maximize tourism’s contribution to national employment

and income generation, and ensure that the social and economic benefits are equitably

distributed, we welcome sharing of industry knowledge and tools to promote responsible

tourism and thereby strengthening  the role of the private sector to manage and represent full

membership  base, as well as achieve our aspirations to improve  our members’ environmental  

practices and develop tourism related human resources, partnerships in tourism and hospitality  

businesses , marketing and product development and implementation of projects prioritized in

the Myanmar Tourism Master Plan 2013-2020.

Welcome to Myanmar for Responsible Tourism Development!


U Yan Win


Myanmar Tourism Federation